Ensi Cloud Search

The Omni-Channel search solution for the Web, Mobile and any other frontend.
A customer search products on your frontend
The frontend sends the search queries to Ensi Cloud Search using API
Ensi Cloud Search analyzes the queries basing on information from the feeds
The frontend gets an answer and displays it to a customer
Low number of mistakes
A product list is still relevant even if a customer makes a mistake, types in a wrong keyboard layout or uses synonyms.
Omni-channel search results
Ensi Cloud Search provides search results to every required frontend such as online stores, mobile apps, inner catalogues or in-store displays.
Relevant product lists
Ensi Cloud Search knows each of the imported products. You can set necessary update period to make sure that your list of products is always up-to-date.
Smooth customer experience
Relevant suggestions and answers improve the level of customer experience.


Suggestions and autocomplete
Ensi Cloud Search autocompletes search queries and suggests results while typing.
There are some examples how Ensi Cloud Search can be implemented on a website.
A keyboard layout
A wrong keyboard layout is automatically corrected.
Customers can search in different word forms.
Recommendations are based on presets and analysed from an other customers search history.
A ready-to-use synonyms dictionary is learning on real search queries.
Similar products
Ensi Cloud Search suggests similar products if a searched item is unavalible.
Customers can see previous search queries and clear a search history.
Spelling corrections
Spelling is corrected automatically.
Results merchandising
Administrators can merchandise search results manually.
Popular products
Popular products are automatically collected depending on customer actions (views, adding to cart) or can be set by an administrator.
Machine learning
Ensi Cloud Search collects data such as popular requests, autocompletes, products, categories and synonyms to generate an ever improving search result.

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Architectural scheme

Architecture presented on 3 levels: business processes and entities (Domains), information systems (Software systems), services (Containers). Inter-service interactions are displayed at the domain level.

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Ensi Cloud Search Solution

How to install

Gain access to an Ensi Cloud Search personal account and get a personal access token.
Set up search result generation rules in a personal account.
Integrate request and answer post-methods with your frontend.
Let your customers get nice and smooth searching experience.

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